My Attainment of the Pole

in two 90th anniversary reprint editions


While it may not be the first in the labyrinth of the reprint publishing world, Cook's 2001 My Attainment of the Pole has the distinction of being the only known Polar title to be issued by two publishing houses in the same month.

This event may have been prompted by Robert Bryce, author of Cook & Peary: The Controversy Resolved (Stackpole, 1997), who found his 1,133 page tome at $50 consigned to the remainder houses at one quarter of that price (Hamilton, $12) more than a year ago, who presented himself as the "new introduction" authority for Cooper Square Press, a New York reprint publisher.

Now Bryce offered his insight on both Cook and for Peary's The North Pole, with the same circular spot come-on for both: WHO CONQUERED THE POLE? COOK OR PEARY? YOU DECIDE changed to PEARY OR COOK for the second reprint. Bryce has 30 pages of introduction for Peary and 38 for Cook.

This twin pack came out in April, despite the fact that this newsletter had announced in July 2000 that Polar Publishing was re-issuing the 1911 My Attainment with new updated material, contributions, photos and bibliography. Curiously, the first title announcement for Cooper Square Press was My Attainment of the North Pole.

The initial listing on had a cover reproduction with this title, but the publishers soon reverted to the original. Reviews of the Bryce introductions of both reprints will be carried in the 2001 number of Polar Priorities.

It should be noted that Bryce, in a self-descriptive biographical sketch says that he is a "25 year scholar" of the controversy, even though he was unknown to the curators of both Cook and Peary collections before 1990, and came to the 1993 international symposium on Cook only after arrangements were made for his presence by the Society.


The Cooper Square Press Editions with Bryce Introductions



My Attainment of the Pole

by Frederick A. Cook

Cooper Square Press, 2001

618 pages, ISBN: 0815411375


The North Pole

by Robert E. Peary

Cooper Square Press, 2001

373 pages, ISBN: 0815411383




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